Elvis Costello Caricature

 Ok so here we go, gonna try to do a good progress this time. I'm really feeling this piece so I'm taking the pencils a lot further than usual. I tend to do pretty finished pencils anyways but not to this degree. I'm just really having fun with the shapes and angles on this one so I don't mind taking it to a more finished look. It's coming along pretty fast this time, I'm not finding the struggle I had with the Cash on this one. I got fed up with the pencils not looking right on the cash and got rid of the face completely. I then went straight to paint and kinda sculpted it in, instead of relying on the pencils. I don't usually do that but for that piece it worked. On this one the pencils will be a great guide and I should fly through the painting. Stay tuned for more updates and as always keep drawing.
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