Elvis Costello Progress (#2)

Been away for a bit, I know. But I have been jamming on a few new pieces and went on a little vacation. So here are the finished pencils and my first step in the painting. I take the pencils and set them to multiply, then move them to the top of my layers. Then I'll drop in my background color.

More often than not its a darker tone as I find it easier to see the lights and shadows that way. I'll then select the background color set my brush to multiply and start dropping in the shadows. Once I have the majority of the shadows in the clothes and another elements that will have much of the background showing through I move to skin.

I grab what ever my base skin tone is for the piece and basically fill in all the skin with that color over the background color with my brush back to normal. Then I grab a basic shadow color, not too concerned with that really because it will all be painted over, this just lays out a map of sorts for the actual painting. I then make a new layer, set it to soft light, select white, and start to drop in the lighter flesh tones.

Once that's all done I can move on to the actual painting (when it gets fun). Tune in next time for some of the fun stuff!

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