Why go back to Illustration now?

So a lot of people want to know why I've decided to put so much energy into my illustration. Well to be honest I've been illustrating all along, I just don't talk about that to most my clients. I'm starting to take on more work now however for a few reasons. I've always seen myself as an artist and every field I've worked in has just been a way to become better. Though some of these fields have utilized different mediums the have all helped to improve my skill set along the way. I haven't illustrated full time for about 10 yrs. but have stayed active in illustration. Only now I look at my current medium and I just want to reach a larger audience. The art I love to do makes me happy and I feel like I want to reach a larger number of people than I do now in the hopes that they might enjoy it also. I love doing my exaggerated version of realism and caricature and have spent the last 10 years coming up with a style that I feel reflects on me. Loads of detail and a large range of color, and of course features done the way I see them in my head. Sometimes this means subtle exaggeration and others its almost cartoony. I just know that I love being an artist and this is fun for me and I hope its as fun for you to see.
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By Gustavo, on

I enjoy looking at the pieces and all the colors put into them. The colors make them come alive man. Keep up the great work and hope to see many more projects ahead

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