BB King progression (#2)

BB King is coming along well, I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out. I wanted to use the sign from his club in the background, both because it's so well known and it allows a reason for the light source I will be using on BB himself. Of course it had to be blue for the main color, and since there was going to be a ton of it I threw in a good amount of red to warm it up. Touches of green will be added as well as yellow, purple ,and orange for compliments and to create a visually appealing piece in my eyes and hopefully yours.

Have questions about my process, color theory, digital and traditional painting, etc.? Ask below, I am always interested in helping fellow artists/fans

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By Daniel, on

This is turning out nicely… no questions most a drop to let you know it’s my favorite so far and I’m a died hard Star Wars fan if that tells ya anything. Keep it up

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